Why Do People Quit And Give Up So Easily?

Why do people quit and give up so easily? I ask myself that question every time I get a call or an email from someone in my downline or in my mastermind group.  I see that they are struggling and need some guidance or assistance that is the reason they came to me in the first place and it just baffles my mind when they tell me, “I am not seeing any results or this is not working for me!”

Just recently I had a person that was in my downline text me and tell me that, you guessed it, “This is not working for me so I am going to have to quit!”

I started laughing to myself because let me explain why!  She started about 4 months ago, she was on 1 maybe 2 conference calls and invited maybe 1 0r 2 guests total in the 4 months.  There were about 2 monthly trainings and conference calls every night Sun-Thurs that she was never on.

I kept in contact with her sharing tips and ideas to get her moving and even suggested how to generate some leads online.  She said she was promoting on Facebook and when I went to her page I saw maybe 3 mentions of the business.

Now keep in mind, she did actually sign up one person up who she may have contacted once or twice and wanted some training which I suggested was all in her back office just look around and learn everything you can.

You know what happened to the person that she signed up, NOTHING! That person has not responded back to me or been on any calls, any trainings, etc.

I know if she reads this post she may be upset with me and may not speak to me again but this is a perfect example of why people quit and give up so easily. Maybe she can see why her success is not there yet and why she has to make an effort of more than a few months.

If you do not actively pursue your business like a business you will get the results that both of these people got again NOTHING!

I know I am on a rant but I cannot help it!  People have the nerve to say that they are not making any money but they choose not to do anything, or not enough and expect a miracle.

They only are in business for a short period of time and expect their business to explode.  They do not realize that they have to learn the skills that it takes to run a business and to market the business for people to want to know what they do and how they can join and this takes time.  You give your job a lifetime, but you only give your business months, how crazy is that?

Whew, now that I have vented enough, I would love your feed back and comments on this!

Lori is an Entrepreneur & Mentor who has a passion for Personal Development Social Media and Marketing. She specializes in teaching new Home Based Business and Small Business Owners how to build their business thru Social Media, Mindset, Marketing and Wisdom. To learn how to change your mind, your life, and your income Click Here.

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