The Power Of Two Little Words “I AM”

The Power of two little words “I Am” is what I learned at a networking event that I attended this past weekend.”Your subconscious mind does not know the difference between what is real and what is imagined. If you send out a message in the present tense (I am), your subconscious mind believes it, acts upon it and delivers whatever you send it” (The Power of The Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy).

That is such a powerful statement that we should all remember. If your subconscious mind does not know the difference between what is real and what is imagined, we can have  and live the life that we want because by the very nature of the law of attraction, people, places and events will start to come into our reality. That is truly amazing!

Sitting at the event and listening to all of the “I AM” statements that were  being shared got me very emotional because of the way they put so much power and emotion behind each one.  We all had to take a few moments and write out our “I AM” statements and once I started to write I too became empowered.

What I would like for  you to do is take a few minutes and write down your “I AM” statements, post them where you can see them everyday. Each morning when you get up, throughout the day and at night before you go to bed say your statements with feeling and emotion but most importantly believe them when you say them.

Log the first day you start this and then check them in a month to see what has manifested, then in a years time see where your life has gone from the first day you started until that point and see the power those two little words have.

Remember, you already are what you think you are the minute you speak those powerful words “I AM

I would love to hear your comments and some of your “I AM” statements so please leave it below and share this message with everyone that you know, it is just that important!

To YOUR Endless Success,

“I AM”

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