Paycation Travel Review – Paycation Scam?

paycation travel

Have you heard all the buzz about Paycation Travel?

I know I have and at first I was a little curious as to what it was all about and how it was different from all the other online travel agencies that are out here on the internet.  So I decided to do a little research to see exactly what people was talking about and if it was something that I would

be interested in doing.  I do not know about you but I am a travel fanatic and my passion definitely is travel, so what better way for me to travel, have fun and make money than by being my own travel agent and own my own online travel business. Imagine if you could have your very own online travel business and you did not have to leave the comfort of your own home.  That is what I was thinking about as I searched for more information on this company and you may have been too!

So here is my review on what I found so pay real close attention!


What is Paycation Travel?

You may be wondering what is Paycation Travel.  Well to answer the question, Paycation Travel is one of the leading providers of travel and travel related services in the world that also educates their Travel Consultants on the various products and services in the travel industry.

Partnering with Xstream Travel, a 12 year-old, licensed and bonded travel agency headquartered in Dallas, Tx, to provide Paycation members with professional training to become a Referring Travel Consultant or a Certified Travel Consultant.

You may not realize that travel is an 8-trillion dollar industry so utilizing the internet to offer people the ability to work from home and make money is smart business due to people booking travel online anyway.

More and more people use the internet for their purchases so why not travel?  Travel is fun, exciting and very lucrative.

Corporate Staff:

David Manning is the CEO – has spent his life promoting and supporting the growth and well-being of people and  is an international motivational speaker and was a national sales trainer and has worked as a Compensation Plan Design Specialist.

Mark Campese is the President – has had a successful career in the direct sales / network marketing industry for more than 23 years.

Lori Spears is the Director of Travel – career in travel began in 1982, An expert in all aspects of the travel industry, As Director of Travel, she is an integral part of the overall management of the company and its daily operations.

Shawn Manning is the Vice President and Operation Manager – Background in network marketing, worked in every department of corporate office, traveler and help people to change their lives worldwide.

Donald Bradley is the Vice President of Marketing – has over 20 years in marketing, sales and product distribution experience.

Spencer Iverson is the Vice President of Business Development – has earned millions of dollars from traditional businesses and in the industry of network marketing and is an expert at marketing, branding and equipping professionals for maximum achievement.

You can read a more comprehensive background on each of the corporate staff members.


Paycation Travel Products and Programs

Paycation has numerous travel products and programs.

1. Personal online booking engine – where anyone from around the world can book travel from your own personalized booking engine. You can book hotel, rental cars, flights, vacation packages and so much more.

2. Travel Club – this has member only trips, resorts, condos, online travel, and you can create your own custom trips

3. Business Opportunity – Paycation enables you to run a successful business right from the comfort of your home.  You can become a Referring Travel Consultant or a Certified Travel Consultant and you can share the business opportunity with others to join as well.



Paycation Compensation Plan

The compensation plan consists of what is call a 3D compensation plan which helps everyday people make money in their spare time or they can create a full time income. You get paid weekly and has a monthly residual attached.

Here are the components to the Paycation compensation plan:

  • Personal sale income
  • Coded bonuses to infinity
  • Matching coded bonuses
  • Strong residual 3 by 7 Power Matrix
  • 2 Matching Matrix Bonuses
  • Residual coded and matching coded bonuses
  • Business Builder Bonuses
  • 2 Lifestyle Bonuses
  • Diamond Team Bonuses
  • Million Dollar Bonus

For a more in depth overview of each of these simply click here

Here is a snap shot of the rank levels that you can achieve as you grow your Paycation Travel business:

paycation travel rank



Is Paycation Travel A Scam or A Legit Company?

You probably are here reading this because you are either already in Paycation Travel or you are checking out Paycation Travel to see if it is an a legitimate business opportunity, or heard something about a Paycation Travel Scam, or you are looking for Paycation Travel Reviews and overall looking for more info.  but what is the #1 problem with Paycation Travel & why there are Paycation Travel Scam rumors is another great question to be answered.

Here is a quick video that may clarify:


Now that I have shared some information about Paycation Travel you can decide if this truly a business that you would want to invest in.  I want to be transparent about my review of this company and to let you know that I am in fact a Certified Travel Consultant with Paycation and if I

honestly did my own due dilegence and decided to share this with you so that you can see exactly what an insider view of the company looks like.  It is really easy for someone who is not in the company give you a review based on what they think they know verses someone who is

actually in the company and is using the product.  That is what a review is correct?  You use the product or service to see if it is what the creator of the product says it is and that is what I did!

Are you ready to become an online business owner as a Certified Travel Consultant with Paycation Travel?


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