Online Marketing 3 Shortcuts To Getting Results For Your MLM


online marketingAre you struggling with your online marketing for your mlm business and need  a few shortcuts to get some results? Do you market daily but still are not recruiting people into your business or you are not getting any customers to buy your products or services? Are you frustrated and just don’t know what else to do? Well I have some great news for you.  I have 3 shortcuts to getting results with online marketing for your mlm starting today.


Online Marketing  Shortcut #1: Choose your target market

There are so many people out here that are probably selling the same product or service that you are in your mlm business and they are marketing to everybody on the planet.  Have you heard the saying ” If you market to everybody, you are marketing to nobody!”  It is just like throwing your business up against a wall and seeing if it will stick.  You go to everyone one and say ” Buy my stuff, buy my stuff, join my biz, join my biz!” and they look at you like you are crazy and they ignore you, don’t answer you calls, don’t show up to the home or hotel meeting when they promised they would… you get the picture. So what you should do is figure out who your target market is and share you mlm with them only. If you are in a health and wellness company dont share you mlm with people that are not looking to work out or care about health and wellness. Target people who are interested in your product and service.  You will get better results and less no’s.  Those are the people who raise their hands and say “I want to join or I want to buy your product or service!”

 Online Marketing Shortcut #2 Viral Blogging

All business owners should have their own blog, especially if you are in a MLM.  The reason is  because everyone gets the same replicated website to promote to potential recruits and to sell the product or service.  The best way to stand out and to have people consider you as an authority and a leader is to have your own personal blog to share information about the business opportunity, the products that you offer and information about opportunity calls, hotel meetings, etc.  This is a place where your target market find you, find out about you and to put a face and basically come when they need to know something. This also is how you are found on the interenet when people google something that pertains to your mlm you will pop up, people will click on your information and join or purchase products all on auto-pilot.  You have your very own online real estate that will always be there. This is a huge mistake not to have this in your business.  Remember your mlm is not your business you are a representative or a distributor for your mlm.  YOU are your business so make sure that YOU are being seen all over the internet as much as possible. If you want to learn how you can get your very own viral blog to start promoting your mlm business and start getting leads, new members and sales, then go here! That is the blogging platform that I use to help me build my primary mlm and also learn even more skills to help me market more effectively and recruit people on autopilot.  I highly recommend that you get yours set up today!

Online Marketing Shortcut #3: Marketing System

This shortcut has to be what has made me the most money online and if you have the same type of system in place you will start to see results in your business. Now of course I cannot guarantee your success only YOU can do that but what I can guarantee is that if you learn how to market correctly and teach your team how to market the same way you will see results and your business will not be the same. Having a system in place that will help you earn money while you learn marketing skills whether it is Free strategies or Paid strategies is what is keep your business running. There will be people who are not interested in your mlm and that is okay but you should always think like a business person and make money even when a person is not interested in joining or buying your product or service. There will come a time in your business and you may be there now where you will want to upscale or just start to learn how to get sales on autopilot and you will want to invest in paid traffic to get maximum results quickly. You must however know what you are doing so you will not be paying for crappy traffic and not getting any results. That it is why you need a trusted reputable system that teaches and trains you and more importantly have coaches, yes YOUR very own personal coaches who will talk to your leads and get them to join you and buy more and more products…sounds cool right? Well that is what you need in order to start to create the results in your business immediately. Get your marketing system here


Utilizing these 3 shortcuts in your business not only is a smart thing to do with your business but it is a must if you want to start getting results online with your mlm business.


Lori Robertson

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