Network Marketing And How To Market Your Business

Network marketing and how to market your business

Really entails more than just telling people what you do it also entails how you tell people what you do.  Let me explain…Recently I got an email from one of my cool subscribers that did a little NO NO…

So I did a follow up email with my list and here is what is said”

He pitched me his business in response to an email I sent the one
out if you missed it.

But I tried to explain to him that there was a better way to market
and I could show him how to attract people that was interested in
what he had to offer.

Silly me…the person got a little upset so I just mentioned that
sending unsolicited links was not cool and that he opted into
my list for more info.

So with that being said,  I thought to myself, why not let
you guys share your business opportunity with me I will
put them on a list and do a blog post about it and send
it out for some exposure.

If you want to play and get some eyeballs on your business
shoot me your business link and a brief description of
what it is and why they should join you.


Can’t wait to promote your stuff!

In the mean time if you want to learn how to truly promote
your business and get the right eyeballs on your business who
are ready to pull out their credit cards… I got what you need here!

Don’t forget send me your biz link, brief description and why they should join!

~Lori Robertson

P.S. BTW…I was not making fun of this person, I was just trying to help him and
I hope what I shared help you to. My goal is to provide value and a way to build
your business as easy and simple as possible. Hope he stays around! :)

My goal was not to make him mad or call him out it was simply to show him that there is a better way to market. So I got a few people who sent me their link so I am going to share their business opportunity with you and if you are looking for a business to join take a look a what they do and why you should join them.

They are not in any order of importance just the order that I received them:

 Barrington Robinson says:  I am a Independent Travel Agent. My business and product is TRAVEL. For my business to be successful, I need to get customers to my website to book travel or by Networking and bringing others in to grow their own networking business. Here are both of my websites:

Kimberly Queely says: Its community sharing basically. You help someone fund their project then you in turn get funding for yours. Because they would be helping people achieve their goals while doing the same for themselves.

Tony Burton says: Also Business professional coaching:

Hardin Monie says: My company is partnering with Meals of Hope – one of the largest non-profit organizations dedicated to ending hunger everywhere by providing nutritious meals to families in need. In support of this worthy cause, O2 Worldwide donates a portion of all our product sales to help Meals of Hope feed the needy and hungry in communities across the USA. For ever bottle purchased, one meal is donated!

Learning how to promote your business  or having some one promote it for you at the right time, in the right space, under the right circumstances can always be a good thing.  It is just when you do it the wrong way that it can backfire on you.

If you want to learn how to market your business,how to generate leads, and make sales so that people are throwing their credit card at you and you are not chasing people, getting rejected and just not making dime at all…. click below and learn skills that  you can use in any business at all.

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