Instagram Tips To Generate Leads


 Instagram Tips

Here are some Instagram Tips To Generate Leads For Your Business

If you truly want to have success on Instagram there are a few things that you need to know first.

Why you need to be on Instagram

  • Instagram is Owned by Facebook
  • There are 400 million active users
  • It has 200 billion posts
  • 70% of users log on everyday
  • 60 million photos are posted daily
  • 7.3 million daily users
  • 8500 likes per second
  • It is the fastest growing population 40-60 years old on any social media platform

There are a few instagram secrets that are very crucial that you make sure that you pay close attention to in order to use the platform efficiently.

Know you limits on Instagram

Yes Instagram has limits that you must follow in order to keep you account up and running:

You can only have about

  • 200 unfollowers

This is only per day, so please make sure that you do not go over this to keep you account in good standing.

Here are a few more instagram tips and tricks,

  • Make sure that you read terms and conditions
  • Stay clear of make money type terms and hastags
  • Dont post content of things that do not serve the community such as selfies, mlm products, income claims or money flashing
  • Have a profile picture,
  • Post at least 10 photos immediately when you join,
  • Dont post duplicate content

Instagram Tips – Create images

Here are other Instagram Tips, if you want to make sure that you have the best pictures you can always use apps on your phone to create pictures and motivational quotes but I like using to create my own unique pictures so that I can include my own words and add my website address.

This ensures that I am branding myself and when people on instagram see pictures like this they engage more.  You can do instagram selfies of yourself and ad words or images.

Instagram Tips – Create Call To Action

Always make sure that you create a call to action when you post your images so that if they enjoy the image you will more than likely have them go to the link that you provide.

Instagram Tips – Crowdfire

Intagram Tips like using to post images to IG and Twitter automatically can save you a lot of time and can naturally generate leads for your business.  It is really easy to use and you can set it up in no time at all.

These are simple yet effective instagram marketing tips that will get you tons of instagram followers, comments and that is exactly what you want to help you build your business.

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