How To Find Happiness Within Yourself

We all want to know how to find happiness within and we search for it in all the wrong places. We look to others to make us feel joyous and happy and for a sense of self worth and do not realize that all of the happiness that we will ever need is within ourselves. I

know that may be a little deep for some people and hard for others to realize and understand. Nevertheless it is so very true. The essence of true happiness only comes from you when you become one with the Divine Source or GOD.

When you want to learn how to find happiness within yourself,  what you must not do is, look at all of the external things that are around you and base your happiness on what you

currently observe. You look at the behaviors of others and think that if that person changes it will make you feel better. Your job or business would be better if your co-workers or

business associates would just see things your way. Your relationships with a spouse, child or loved one would be perfect if they would do the right things that you think they should do.

This is what causes unhappiness because you cannot control what other people think or do. Please read that last sentence again and just think about it!  Whenever you were not happy was it was because of what someone else did to you, or did not do for you?

If you want to find happiness within yourself you must first start to find things that you can appreciate and be thankful for and then understand the gift that you possess from the inside

does not depend upon others. You will then start to notice that happiness will be all around you because you getting closer to your Divine Source or GOD.

When you start to look for things that bring you great joy and feel good about it more things will start to just show up that make you feel even better.


Here are a few things that I do every day to accomplish that and you can do it also:

  • At night before you go to sleep think about something that makes you feel good and enjoy it.
  • In the morning when you wake up lay there for a minute and remember what you thought about the night before and feel it.
  • As you go through your day intend to see only happiness in everything.
  • Smile often and at everyone you come in contact with.
  • Love yourself and tell yourself often how much you appreciate YOU.


The last one in my opinion is the most important because it all starts with you!


There may be days when you feel out of touch with yourself, you may feel negative emotions no matter what you do. Your day may not be going well and you just cannot find happiness

in anything that you see or do. It happens to all of us on occasions. That is just a way of letting you know that you are so far from your true self that you must stop for just a minute

breathe, figure out why you feel this way and start to think about  something that can change it even if not right away but gradually. The more you are in touch with your inner self that is where to find the happiness within.

I read an email that was sent to me Owen Waters and he stated that:

“All the happiness in the world pales in comparison with the supreme joy of that inner connection. Soul-inspired joy is lasting happiness. It has no beginning and no end because it is always there, just as God is always there, within each and every one of us.”

Take the time today and start to connect with yourself to find that place inside that feels good to you where all happiness truly begins.

I would love to hear your comments on how you find happiness within and what you do to keep yourself in a state of happiness and close to the true YOU!


To OUR Massive Success


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