How To Find Happiness Within Yourself

We all want to know how to find happiness within and we search for it in all the wrong places. We look to others to make us feel joyous and happy and for a sense of self worth and do not realize that all of the happiness that we will ever need is within ourselves. I

know that may be a little deep for some people and hard for others to realize and understand. Nevertheless it is so very true. The essence of true happiness only comes from you when you become one with the Divine Source or GOD.

When you want to learn how to find happiness within yourself,  what you must not do is, look at all of the external things that are around you and base your happiness on what you

currently observe. You look at the behaviors of others and think that if that person changes it will make you feel better. Your job or business would be better if your co-workers or

business associates would just see things your way. Your relationships with a spouse, child or loved one would be perfect if they would do the right things that you think they should do.

This is what causes unhappiness because you cannot control what other people think or do. Please read that last sentence again and just think about it!  Whenever you were not happy was it was because of what someone else did to you, or did not do for you?

If you want to find happiness within yourself you must first start to find things that you can appreciate and be thankful for and then understand the gift that you possess from the inside

does not depend upon others. You will then start to notice that happiness will be all around you because you getting closer to your Divine Source or GOD.

When you start to look for things that bring you great joy and feel good about it more things will start to just show up that make you feel even better.


Here are a few things that I do every day to accomplish that and you can do it also:

  • At night before you go to sleep think about something that makes you feel good and enjoy it.
  • In the morning when you wake up lay there for a minute and remember what you thought about the night before and feel it.
  • As you go through your day intend to see only happiness in everything.
  • Smile often and at everyone you come in contact with.
  • Love yourself and tell yourself often how much you appreciate YOU.


The last one in my opinion is the most important because it all starts with you!


There may be days when you feel out of touch with yourself, you may feel negative emotions no matter what you do. Your day may not be going well and you just cannot find happiness

in anything that you see or do. It happens to all of us on occasions. That is just a way of letting you know that you are so far from your true self that you must stop for just a minute

breathe, figure out why you feel this way and start to think about  something that can change it even if not right away but gradually. The more you are in touch with your inner self that is where to find the happiness within.

I read an email that was sent to me Owen Waters and he stated that:

“All the happiness in the world pales in comparison with the supreme joy of that inner connection. Soul-inspired joy is lasting happiness. It has no beginning and no end because it is always there, just as God is always there, within each and every one of us.”

Take the time today and start to connect with yourself to find that place inside that feels good to you where all happiness truly begins.

I would love to hear your comments on how you find happiness within and what you do to keep yourself in a state of happiness and close to the true YOU!


To OUR Massive Success


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Teresa Ivory

Powerful, Lori! My favorite way to stay in the “state of happiness” is a gratitude journal. I write what I’ve asked for and thenlook back through regularly so I can check it off when I get it and make sure I express my gratitude. When the journal gets page after page of things you’ve asked for and received, it’s easy to see how much we have to be thankful for and happy about!

Hey! I think I just found the topic for my next post! Thanks for inspiring me, Lori!

Corey Ellis

Hi Lori,

Wow this was really some home hitting advice. Alot of people are really not in tune with themselves, and often go years before they are truly happy. I have seen many of my mom friends only feel really happy about themselves only here recently once they past 50+ years of age.

The things you noted in our post are really some valuable techniques and things to do in order to find true happiness.


Beth Hewitt

Hi Lori

This is such a timely post for me, as I have been trying to concentrate on this area of my life for the last month.

I have started being more aware of my positive and negative thoughts. When something feels bad, it is because we have moved away from our divine source/energy and when things feel good it is because we are closer to it.

I have been able to pull myself our of a negative situations by diverting my attention and appreciating something positive, however small that might be.

I have seen many good things appear and happen in my life which I know relates to me finding slowly but surely my divine source/energy.

Thank you for sharing this, it was an enjoyable read.

Beth :-)


You are welcome Teresa glad I inspired you, I will try to keep it up!


Thanks Corey it is an ongoing process but so well worth it.


Hi Lori,

Great post my friend. The ability to have an attitude of gratitude is amazing. Thankfulness leads to great joy and happiness.

We can only control what we can control in our lives. I came across this idea from Dr. Wayne Dyer once as he talked about worry. He said, “There are things in your life that are out of your control so you have no need to worry about them. All the other things that are left are in your control so you do not need to worry about them. Therefore there is no need for worry.”

Thanks again for sharing this great post.

Make it a great day!
God Bless,


Hey Beth, I totally agree. When we are feeling down in our lives it is because we have moved away from the blessings that we have been created to experience. Something is out of whack and needs to be re-aligned.
Thanks for sharing.
Make it a great day!
God Bless,


Great post Lori i think that it so important to have a good attitude and outlook on life. It just makes it so much easier to go about your daily routine/schedule when once youve found the happiness within yourself


Bill Cowan

Hi Lori, I agree with you here. Looking deep and within ourselves is the first place we have to look. No one else is going to do it for us and we're uniquely set up to do just that. Thanks


Dear Lori:

Your article on happiness is right on the money. You hit the mark when you say we cannot control other peoples thoughts and expect them to make you happy, that is not going to happen.

We have to work on ourselves and make a priority. Thank you for sharing this great article with the public.


Joe Juarez

Debbie @ Happy Maker

This is great Lori. I do believe that you believe in God and it is impossible to find happiness within. When rough waters come he can guide you through them or hold onto you until you are ready to walk alone again. I love the picture of footprints in the sand.Thanks for the reminder.Debbie


The ONLY way to awaken in the morning is to begin with a gratitude list. I am doing this every day. If things start to go sideways during the day, I mentally go back to that checklist, take a deep breath and refresh the forward momentum.

Thanks for visiting a topic that can never grow old. It's soooo important for personal growth!


You are welcome Debbie thanks for stopping by look forward to sharing more content with you.


Wow Ed I just read that the other day! Thanks for your comment!



Yes it does, thanks Evin!


You are welcome Joe thanks for the comment look forward to you coming back and sharing.



This is a nice post Lori, thanks for sharing. I try to be grateful for what I have each night and write down a list of 10 things that are good in my life right now.

It definitely helps and makes you focus on the small things in life that we can be grateful for.

I believe that gratitude definitely helps us become happy with life and situations… and all of a sudden, we realise that we are very lucky compared to most people and we need to be thankful for what we have :-)

Thanks again and keep up the great work!


Gavin I have started a gratitude journal for the things that I have and the things that I am going have, thanks for the comment!


Great article Lori! We all need this advice because we all get into those moments where we're unhappy. I truely believe that once we divert our attention to something positive then we do get closer to God.


Absolutely agree with you lori! Hapiness within is crucial to start you day evryday. I also make sure i take a good look at my dream board every morning to get my self in the right mindset!

Kyle Nelson
~Internet Marketing Specialist~


So to hopefully express clearly my intent and avoid any confusion(it happens to me ALLLLLLLL the time), I wish to say I am posting as a guest as I stumbled on this “blog” not really knowing what a “blog” even is other than my guess that it’s basically just a web address dedicated to the posting of whatever a person wants to display to the world(I think a local sports icon has a “blog” that I have heard about). And having no idea what the intended purpose of this page/blog is other than what I perceive to be very helpful, wise and with best intentions towards others. So wanting to get my ideas/thoughts down as quickly as possible, and not wishing investigate further about the purpose etc, and end up either creating a log in based on the real me, or based on my alter ego(yah, I have one, go ahead, make fun of me). I decide to post anonymously only to show my gratitude for you Lori, for having shared your thoughts, and to all those who then shared their thoughts after. They have all had impact on my life experience, and I am grateful for it. And this is how I choose to show my gratitude.

My intent is to reiterate what I perceive as the importance of this life experience I have now had, by simply stumbling on this “blog”, nothing more than chance experience and with a belief that there is experience to be learned in every moment/experience that enriches our lives. Of course the idea that everything happens for a reason also relates. I’m a little too analytical to simply speak that way, but it’s the gist of it for me.

So being an analytical(ok, that’s an understatement really, can you tell already?) and mindful person, who knows his(ok, so that answers that I’m a guy, whoops(what’s funny is that I could choose to edit that reference, but eennnhhh, what’s the harm in knowing I’m male at this point) actions/expressions/emoting has an impact on those around me, I have lived a life that I consider the majority of the time spent was suffering or in despair. Situational circumstance (every moment of daily life basically) has impact on each of us(ummmm yah, I know it’s sort of life basics 101, but I guess some don’t see it broken down that way). I in turn being mindful/analytical, do my best to avoid situation circumstance that could result in a negative, for my own benefit and all those around me of course. At the same time, attempting to live life, as situational circumstance is everyone and it is out of any of our control. We simply only have ability to react to said circumstance.

So here is the rest of my reaction to this experience(I know I segue often eh?) and hopefully you enjoy the ride that is my thought process as I attempt to make points but at the same trying my best to explain myself(remember the earlier comment of my intent being misinterpreted “ALLLLLLLL” the time) ends up taking me a while, sorry… can choose to come along for the ride, or stop reading, up to you ~¿ô.

So in another weak moment of time earlier(I’m getting back to the overall purpose of posing), I thought to myself “Happiness comes from within, not from “things” that “make” me happy”. I am unsure of other thoughts, but ended up google searching “happiness within yourself” or something that basically led me to what I think was either the first page listed or maybe two or three, and of course the page I allude to is this one(would have been a longer post if it wasn’t eh?). First, I was absolutely floored by the use of “make it a great day”. I adjusted from “have” to “Make” it a great day quite a while back, but have not experienced any others using that term(from what I recall anyway, I have a bad memory). I feel as we all have choice, we basically can “make” any day anything we want. Of course I could go on for quite a while about my feeling of the word “choice” and my beliefs surrounding it, but in short, I do my best to live my daily life knowing I choose. From the moment my eyes open, I begin choosing. I choose to breathe(until I pass out), it may be an involuntary response(hence until I pass out) but I can hold choose to hold my breath until the moment I pass out. I choose to get out bed, take a shower, and I think we all get the gist. So with those thoughts now noted, understand choice is a big part of my daily life, both mindfully in my behalf and primarily of those around me(go ahead say that’s backwards, primary focus should be me etc I’m getting there, trust in my methods…..).

ok, back on track…..(I segue something fierce eh?….oooh that might give me away a little, or at least my region…..hmmmmm eeennnhhhh what’s it hurt at the moment….I amuse myself by the way) so after reading everything said, and the Wayne Dyer reference and every other experience from my past that was now racing through my mind, I come up with my idea for thoughts before bed/when waking up(which has been reiterated in a movie called “what the bleep do we know”, and I’m sure many other people, but wanted to mention that due to my sense of relation to quanta, and having seen that movie and for the first time a sense of feeling that things make sense(go figure, I get that experience due to exposure to “quanta”…, I’m an interesting one eh?….hey at least I am to myself, and that’s enough for me, anyone else finds me interesting, then it’s the icing on the cake as they say). Ok, back on track, so my idea of a gratitude journal, or thoughts before bed thing…..or whatever I’ll end up calling it later in life, basically came up with three appreciations.

1) I have an appreciation for all that I’ve experienced (adding “experienced now, originally was only “endured”, and wanted to broaden it to include “experienced” as it’s obviously more fitting and may eventually just drop “endured” actually) / endured.

2) I have an appreciation for all that can be(see any relevance to “quanta” in that one? I do).

3) I have an appreciation for being able to appreciate.

ok, so that last one just floored me the moment I thought it. It set me on a new path so to speak, a new frame of thought. So basically at this point in all this life experience I am now writing about, it had basically been about 5 minutes maybe(trust I’m obviously adding much thought elaborating, and this is not a step by step thought process, I’m not that nuts, hehehe). So after that, I wasn’t able to post all that I knew I would want to say via my ipod touch, which is how I originally browsed to finding this site. I did some stuff around my apt (and now realizing it’s veryyyyyy late, and I need to wrap this up….whewwww pressure) and on my way to my office so I could write all this on a keyboard rather than trying to type it for the next 5 days on the tough keyboard(see how I make things relevant to the elaboration that is my life?…..sheessshhhhhhh I think I’m a little nuts) I heard the following three songs

1) Scenes from an Italian restaurant(I think that’s the name) by Billy Joel

2) somebody to love by Jefferson airplane (looked in the mirror of my truck and said “found you”, and I should elaborate on that obviously, but I’m in a time pinch….grrrrrr)

3) desperado by the eagles

So the last line of desperado obviously relates to the second song, and basically in short, I’ve found that person to love, on my way to finding my happiness within myself, and as I hope others do, I look forward to any life experience that is coming to me, merely by sharing in the life experience that has been had by all of those associated with this blog, including obviously my own input which hopefully can have a positive influence on someone’s life, after all, that was the purpose of my spending all this time I have not spent writing all this, but I wouldn’t change anything about it, it happened the way it happened, and at this point, it was what it was (I hate “it is what it is”). I can elaborate on the is what it is, and was what it was thing also….just not at the moment….just basically I feel almost all moment in time are in the past, due to our having to process the experience and by the time we process the experience it’s already in the past. Makes sense if you really think about it, and go figure, the analytical guy thinking that way…..ok….done for now, but hopefully not for good. I’ll investigate, look into what this page is all about and hopefully next post will be with my real name and not this one(my alter ego).

Make it a Great Day/Weekend(I feel the other words deserve the caps too, why not “it” and “a”……not really sure hahahhah)


Oliver Tausend

Hi Lori,
a truly inspiring article that I came to read in an important moment of my life. So thank you very much sharing your thoughts and ideas and keep on your great work. Have a blessed weekend and tale care.
To a prosperous life


Thanks for the comment appreciate your perspective.


I have my vision board in front of my desk on the wall and I also look at it everyday several times to keep me motivated. Thanks for your comment


Thanks Oliver, I am glad that this article helped you when you needed it. Take care.



Ernon, I would like to thank you for taking the time to leave such a detailed comment on my article and look forward to you coming back.



Great post!


Thanks Brooke glad you enjoyed!


Mario Miranda

Thanks for sharing Lori! I do some of the things you mention, and I'm constantly grateful for all I am and have.


Thanks for visiting my blog and for the comment.


I really appreciate this post, Lori. It is truly an “inside job”, isn't it? This theme has been popping up all over for me today. Hmmmm. Your tips are really great. They are simple, doable and profoundly helpful.

Keep bringing us such great content!

Mentor Mama

Pat & Lorna Shanks


An amazing message that you've shared here, and we couldn't agree with you more. Joy and happiness definitely starts from within… so does love. How we see others and the world all depends on how we see ourselves… through inner joy, happiness and love for ourselves.

One of our joyous moments and one that really makes both of us feel happy and joyous is when we lie in each others arms. It's those moments we wish could last forever.

~ Pat and Lorna


Wow that is so special thanks for that heart felt comment, I really appreciate it.


Hi Lori!

It's my first time on your blog I believe and I've been missing out on a gem! This is an awesome post with an incredible message! My life completely changed when I began to feel gratitude on a daily basis and understand your message that our happiness comes from within.
I just want to scream today when I hear people talking about how “bad” their life is, etc. and in reality they have the power to change it should they DECIDE to. People don't understand how much infinite inner power they truly possess!

Thanks for this wonderful message!


Thanks for dropping by by Amanda and I am glad you enjoyed the post.


Thanks for dropping by by Amanda and I am glad you enjoyed the post.


Hi Lori, i stumbled across your bog and found it to be very inspirational!  I was actually recently assulted and robbed, before this i was a very happy person. however, iv never been physically “touched” like that before. Ever since iv become very sad and cant find the will to keep moving forward without this painful memory.

In conclusion im going to take your advice & give it a shot. Truely. Thank-you for the advice again Lori!

Lori Robertson

I hope that you are doing better now, that is an awful thing to have happened to you. I am glad that my post has helped you and even when things like this happens to us we have to find the strength to push forward and know that things will get better. Much love and happiness to you my friend. You are the inspiration!

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Shane Barrett

Happiness isnt something you find or is it a choice. It is realization of being through serendipity on your search to find your true self to be the best you can, which never stops. You must know the worse things of life and overcome pain to be humbled and be grateful for just living and serving God. This happiness has so much strength from it that nothing can take it from you in how much you love the person that God has helped you become. Not everyone can get this true happiness and power strength that God anointes to be living examples. If one has this its easy to tell if others are happy or just pretending. I myself have searched for the best that I could be and how much my body and soul could take to show I have no limits. And I realized what I have become and I didn’t look for it or was I wanting it, it was put upon me or I was chosen. Almost everyone won’t understand this highest level of happiness you will know when you meet it in person if you ever do. I get more negative from the most positive feeling a human can have, its Devine and nothing else good luck to the searchers of self truth.

Shalonda Gordon

Lori, this post is awesome. I actually had to do some of the exact things you describe here in order to find my inner joy.. I’ve always been a smiler.. yet not really felt the joy inside. Today is totally different.. I read this post and it took me back to a time and then brought me right back..

Love it.. keep smiling