How To Build A Successful Team In Your MLM


build a successful teamAre you looking for a way to build a successful team in your MLM or network marketing company but you have not clue as to where you should start?  Or do you have a team and you want to know how to keep them from quitting?

Do you get the same questions over and over again and you feel like you are on the phone answering them. Do you spend more time trying to help them build their business than you do on your own?

Well, I have the solution for this problem which will lead to you building a successful team in your mlm.

First, you are the leader of your team so you have to set the example of how being successful should look and how it should work.



Always be marketing and recruiting, every single day.  Even if it appears that no one is signing up or when they do, they quit, just keep going because if your team sees that you are constantly in the grind mode, that you have your head down and you are laser focused and you are getting results they will want to do the exact same thing that you are doing so that they can get the exact same results that you are getting.



As soon as your new team member joins send them a welcome email, video or phone call and then give them instructions on what to do next.  Make sure you are giving them step by step instructions to follow in the order that you give them.  That ensures that they are following your directions and it will keep your entire team all on the same page.

This will also free your time up on the phone saying the same thing over and over again and it probably will answer most of the questions that a new person may have who has just gotten started.

This will also get them used to the process and when they see that they can do the same thing and they do not have to know everything once they join and that all they need to do is point their new team members to the exact same system to help them as well it makes them feel more secure and confident and keeps them focused on the task at hand which is to get trained as soon as possible so that they can start seeing results and  make money.



As the leader of your team you must get your team on board with your vision so that you all will be on the same page working towards the same thing.  If you can get them so see that your goal and your passion is to help them to become successful so that they can have a life of freedom, whether it is time freedom or money freedom or both you will have people who will stick with you for the long haul.



You should always have a place daily where you team can hangout, ask questions, give moral support, and just be around a group of like-minded people daily where they can see other people having success that are no better than they are.

You can create a Facebook Group just for your team.

Make sure you set some ground rules such as “NO Whining or Complaining just questions that are non-techinical or support related” You get the idea!



To keep your team engaged you must have a weekly hangout, meeting, call or something where you can interact with them train, or just have a time where they can ask questions or to highlight people who are having success and what they are doing to achieve it.

When people see other people on the team having success weekly it will keep them coming back to learn the actions that the team member implemented and how they can do the same thing.



These basic things are key to growing any  successful mlm business.  If you focus and follow these simple strategies your team will start to explode.

You and your team will start to see financial success and building your team will not be all on you, your team will start to implement the same strategies as they see you their leader doing and that is when all of the magic starts to happen.

Want to learn more of what I have just shared with you so that you can start to build a successful team in your mlm, become a recruiting machine and teach your team to do the same? Click here


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