Easy List Building Strategies

List Building Strategies

List Building Strategies

are very important to your business.  If you do not have a list, then you do not have a business.  Have your heard the saying “The money is in the list”? Well that is certainly true so I want to share with you a few list building tips:   List building is growing your leads and getting people to trade their information (name, email) for some sort of giveaway usually.

List Building Techniques

Here is the list building strategies in no particular order:

Blogging –  Having a blog, your own personal real estate where people can find you and you can share value with them and they can opt into your list to keep up with what you are doing and not miss the information you provide. This is my favorite of the list building strategies.

Offer a PDF - Create a valuable piece of content and give a call to action where they can download this by giving you their name and email address for it.

Use Social Proof - Get testimonial from people that you have helped and offer to help them the same way when they provide you with their information. Leads come in from this one tip more than you could imagine.

About me page – Use your about me page to let people know who you are and how you can help them in their business. Show them your family, friends, your lifestyle then include an opt in box to allow them to learn more about how you are living the life of your dreams. This works like crazy!

Lead pages – You can use Leadpages.com to create beautiful capture pages that will entice people to want to opt in this is one of the list building strategies that generate so many leads by using these pages to promote.

Add opt in at comment – Another creative way is to add an opt in box where people leave comments, they can share what they thought about the information you provided them and give you their information at the same time. A sort of 2 for 1 deal, this is powerful, so use it.

Youtube cards – Video is one of my favorite list building strategies to generate leads and build my list and using youtube cards can build your list fast. You can place the card which is basically just a box that pops onto the video where you can use a call to action for them to click on the link. Really super cool.

Side bar optin - Placing an opt in box on the side of your website or blog always generates leads because it is always there and people will see it immediately.

Pop ups – Having a box pop up offering some form of FREE PDF, newsletter, video, that pops up either when they first come to your website or blog, or when they try to leave the page will get a lot of leads to help build your list. You can get a lot of traction from using this technique.

Facebook – This is probably the best list building strategies to build your list by utilizing all of your friends, family and other networkers who are on Facebook daily.  Posting your business, sharing motivational quotes, offering free trainings and webinars and a call action will build you list very quickly.

Instagram – This is a hot one, posting pictures, quotes, food, lifestyle gets me tons of leads and can and will build your list when you like other peoples pictures and leaving comments. Just make sure you always direct them to where you want them to go and always, always offer value to the community.

These are just some of the list building secrets and list building strategies that marketers use to build their business online that you can start implementing today.


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