So you trying to reach me huh?

Well I am a popular lady and I owe that to you my friend.  Appreciate it so much!!!!


Here is the deal:


The quickest way to reach me is by leaving me a comment on any of my blog posts. I usually check those daily and I can get back to you with in 24 hours.


Don’t think I am brushing you off because I am not.. I just rather keep all correspondence on my blog.

REMEMBER I told you I am a popular girl!!!


Just  an FYI…


..and keep this in mind..


The only people who I will talk to via phone or email directly are current team members and those that have a few questions they want answered before they partner up with me in my businesses at the highest level.


To do that, leave me a comment below any post (there’s a spot for your email) and say “Lori, I’m ready to go all-in.”


I’ll send you an email pronto and we’ll roll from there.


Other than that  you can just leave a comment on a blog post and we will take it from there.


I knew you would understand! … You are Awesome!






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