Lori Robertson

My name is Lori Robertson and I am a single mom who went from struggling to pay bills working a 9-5 job I hate to earning  money online using a simple system from the comfort of my home!


Let me back up and start at the beginning of my story…

I started in the network marketing industry about 5 years ago and followed the lead of my upline and did everything that they told me to do.

I still had no success at all!

I was working with a couple of  multi-millionaires as their personal assistant for the past 5 years doing exactly what they told me to do and as I said before, having no success.

Being in that position you would think that I would be on the fast track to success and much like everyone else in the industry I thought that I was going to be RICH!

I made my list, called my friends, family and co-workers, just like I was told, I jumped from company to company with these millionaires, I had no circle of influence left my credibility was shot!

I was becoming frustrated and ready to quit! However I still did not give up, I had the grand idea that if I put more energy into it, then it would work, so I quit my job!

Month’s went by and the money that I had saved in my bank account dwindled down and money was just not coming in,  and because my significant other lost his job, I  had to use that saved money to pay the mortgage, 2 car notes, insurance, gas, cable, electric, and by food.

Eventually within a year my house went into foreclosure, my cars were repossessed, I no longer had a significant other and I was flat BROKE!

I really was ready to give up, but I did not.   I picked myself up, got off of the pity party train found a job that helped me stop my forclosure and get back on track but I absolutely hated the job and I felt like a failure in my business.

I was thankful that I had been blessed by this job but the feeling in the pit of my stomach would not go away.  I knew that I was destined for more for me and my family.

Then one day a friend introduced to me online marketing and the money started to come in slowly and I was excited again, I knew this was going to be what changed my life.

Not because of a new company but because now I was learning skills that I could use no matter what company I was in.

I did learn the skills and now fast forward to today, I have learned skills that have enabled me to earn $4000 in less than 2 hours and over $20,000 in the last 6 months all online.

I travel the world, hang out with successful people and I am living my life how I choose!


Now my goal is to help single moms, stay at home moms, work at home moms and really anyone who may have been struggling or who just want a way to make money online and no one has given them the tools or the skill sets to accomplish it.

I want to help YOU have the life that you truly desire.

If any of this resonates with you I would love to work with you!


Chat with you soon!

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