7 Facebook Marketing Tips To Increase Engagement


Facebook Marketing Tips


So you want to get more engagement on Facebook?

Here are 7 Facebook Marketing Tips that you can use to help get more engagement, get more likes, get more comments and get more raving fans each and every single day!

7 Facebook Marketing Tips And Tricks

Everybody wants to get people to like and comment when they post something on Facebook, whether it is a selfie, photo of their kids, family or personal development quote.  It really does not matter you just want some engagement and using these Facebook marketing tips and tricks will help you get that.


Facebook Marketing Tips1. Make sure your bio is up to date and public. Most people don’t make it easy to find them but you want people to be able to find you so that they can comment and like whatever it is that you post.  Your about me page is very important so that people will know exactly who you are and what you are all about.  This will create some form of connection with your other friends that will get them to come back over and over to see what you are posting.


2. Engage on other peoples posts, comment, share and like the things that you are interested in.  Go to at least 3-5 of your friends and get some engagement going on with them. If you start to make comments on things that are important to other people they will start to respond to your posts.  Facebook will start to put more things in your feed that are things that you like and comment on.


3. Post Videos – Create a 3-5 minute video of something that you have learned and want to teach other people that will add value to them and their business.  Facebook loves for you to download videos and it will be shared more often than just text or even images. Videos have a way to make people like and trust you because they can not only see you but can hear your voice and makes the connection to you even stronger than just reading your posts.


fb-call-to-action-banner-1024x5594. Have a call to action button or link – Make sure to always have a call to action button or link to tell people what you want them to do when they are on your page, mainly your Fan Page.  If you want to offer them a FREE PDF, or Video to watch or you just want them to opt in to get more information that will help them, making sure that button is there visible for them to see and click on.



5. Use Images – Everytime you create a post you should always have an image that is attached to it.  People love seeing images, as we are visual people and it can help them become more engaged if they have an image to help identify with the post they are reading.  You typically get more interaction with an image than not having one.  Make sure it has lots of colors, of it can be one that has humor or it can just be a picture of you, your food (yes food gets lots of likes), family etc.  Anything that you think people will like to see and can put a smile on their face or once again offer value post it.


6. Post often -This is very important, you need to post great content as often as possible.  The more you post the more people will see you.  DO NOT be spammy however, don’t get posting about people joining your business or sign up for this or take a look at that.  Mix your posts up, like make a quote, then a selfie, your business, content from other people that you like.  Making sure that you are sharing things that people would like to engage with is key.


7. Brand Yourself – Always, always be branding yourself. This is really crucial if you are using Facebook to help you build your business and is one of your marketing strategies. Make sure you post your blog, you should have one.  Make sure you share what your vision and mission is in life to help me. Always brand your images or your posts directing them back to your blog or website that has valuable information that people can either read, watch and may want to stay in touch with you or reach out to you to see how you can help them.  This I cannot stress enough is so important.

Facebook Marketing Ideas

are just the things that you need to ensure that you are getting the engagement that you want. I ran across 2 resources that will give you even more ideas.  Here are more Facebook Marketing Tips –  some tips that will bring big engagement results.


Having a clear cut facebook marketing strategy and implementing the facebook marketing tips on a daily basis will help you get the results that you are looking for and the engagement on your page will start to explode.


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