5 Tips On How To Brand Yourself

If  you have been in this internet marketing game for a while then I am pretty sure that you have discovered that branding yourself is a must if you want to be a success on the internet.  There are people still out there pushing their product and/or service on people expecting them to either join their business or buy their products and get disappointed and frustrated when they don’t.  They decide that this internet thing does not work, you can’t make any money and they just give up an quit and go back to whatever they were doing that brought them online in the first place.

If you have found yourself in that very position and you are ready to throw the towel in well let me give you 5 tips on how to brand yourself that may help you today!

Tip #1

Create your own blog – Figure out what you want your niche to be and start sharing content about that. It could be, internet marketing, seo, personal development, cooking, etc. You get the general idea. Then make sure that the domain name that you use has your own name in it some kind of way. Mine for example is “workwithlorirobertson.info”

Tip #2

Create your own Gravatar – You want people to be able to put a face to your comments and the best way to do that is to create a gravatar by downloading a picture of yourself so it shows up each and every time.  You can go to www.gravatar.com to get your own up in running in minutes.

Tip #3

Create an email signature – This is one of my favorite branding tips because you can make your own signature and add a picture so that when you send out e-mails, autoresponders or even use it at the end of your blog post people will start to recognize you immediately. I found out about this from a friend of mine by the name of Gavin Mountford. If you go to his site he has a video that will take you step by step through the process to give you a slamming e-mail signature. I highly recommend you check that out  “How To Jazz Up Your Email Signatures and Autoresponder Messages”.

Tip #4

Build Relationships using Facebook and Twitter – Start requesting friends every day. You should start with at least 20 a day on each and remember to be very careful that you do not over do it on Facebook,you don’t want to get the warning message telling you to slow down. They will cancel your account for spamming. When you contact them DO NOT pitch your business to them. Start a conversation, go to their page read their profile and talk to them about what you read about them. Show some genuine interest in them and if you have something of value that you can share with them do so for FREE, no strings attached. Tweet them often, sharing value with them as well. This also builds trust.

Tip #5

Comment on other peoples blogs – This is so very crucial to your success. If you take the time to read another person’s content and comment on what they wrote and share it with other people if it has value to it, they will want to naturally do the same for you. This will start to create a relationship that can lead to other relationships and help you brand yourself as an authority when you share this information with people who are looking for that topic of interest.

These are just basic tips to get you started and I hope that this can help you to start building your brand  today and show you that the internet is a gold mine if you brand yourself the right way.

Please comment below and share your branding tips that may be able to help others become successful in their online pursuit. I would love to hear what works for you!

To YOUR Massive Success,

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