3 Stages of Progression In Your Business


3 Stages Of ProgressionThere are 3 Stages of Progression that can help you brand yourself and become a rockstar in your network marketing company and online.

The 3 Stages of Progression are not really used by a lot of marketers because they really don’t know that it exists.  When you start to use these stages your business starts to take on a life of itself.

Let me take a few minutes and just give you an overview of exactly what the 3 Stages are and how you can implement them into your business starting today!


First Stages of Progression:

Promoter – A promoter is the person that gets the word out about what your company, your product, service or whatever your program is all about. You are the director, you direct them, you point them to where you want them to go, what you want them to see or hear that is going to be of value to them.  For instance you can direct them to a conference call, a webinar, a hotel meeting, etc.  Your only job is to promote the event over and over again to get as many eyeballs on whatever it is you want them to see. That is your main objective, to become the best promoter that you can be. The more people that see what you are promoting the more success rate you are going to have getting them to join your business or to buy your product or service.  Become a king or queen of promotion, people have become wealthy by just promoting.

Second Stages of Progression:

Personality – A personality is when you start being visible to your target audience, you become the spokeperson.  The person that people will like and trust because they have put a face and a voice to the information that you are providing to them. You are sharing images, videos that are still directing them to some value.  This is the stage where people start to recognize you and start to pay attention to what you have to say and what you have to show them.  They become curious about where you are pointing them to so they go anyway just to see what you are talking about. How cool is that?

Third Stages of Progression:

Professional – The professional stage is where you start to create you own copy and create you own images and and a video of yourself promoting whatever it is you want to them to go to.  You can start doing webinars, trainings and teach your target market what you have learned in the promotion and personality stages so that they can replicate your success. This is the stage where people start to follow you, when people want to engage with you, and when people want to know what business  you are in so that they can join you.  This is the stage where you become a rockstar!

90 Days to the Lifestyle of Your Dreams

If you do this for 90 days straight, 30 days for each stage your business will never be the same again.  You will start to become recognized in industry, you will be able to reach the top of the leaderboards in your company, you will generate more leads and make more sales on a daily basis by simply just following these 3 stages of progression.

This is truly how you start  your journey to the lifestyle of your dreams.


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